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About Shaping the Post-COVID World

The crisis provides a unique opportunity to re-evaluate many aspects of modern economy, society, and government.

Simon Hix, Pro Director for Research

Building on the important conversations and research being undertaken as part of our COVID-19 response (including through the COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund and the Policy Responses event series), the Shaping the Post-COVID WorldXổ số miền bắc thứ 6 hàng tuần initiative will convene a debate about the direction the world could and should be taking after this crisis and what policies national and global actors should pursue. We have an opportunity to help shape the “new normal” in line with our strategic ambition to be the leading social science institution with the greatest global impact.

Xổ số miền bắc thứ 6 hàng tuầnWe will be exploring several key themes:

  • The macro economy
  • Restructuring business, trade and the future of work
  • Inequality and social infrastructure
  • Health and social care
  • Environmental sustainability and climate change
  • Welfare and public policy trade offs
  • Governance and state capacity
  • Democracy and rights
  • The future of cities
  • The experience of young people

. We hope you will join us for virtual discussions of these themes and engage with the arguments on the and other online publications, leading up to the LSE Festival 2021, taking place from 1 to 6 March.

If you would like to take part in the initiative please contact Louise Jones at

Steering Committee for Shaping the Post-COVID World

Professor Simon Hix, Chair
Professor Laura Bear
Professor Julia Black
Professor Paul Dolan
Professor Andrés Velasco